AT (After Trump) To-Do List 1. End Corporate Personhood

A lot of people, myself included are in a what can we do phase after the election. One thing that I have been talking about for a long time and is definitely in most peoples consciousness at this point is getting money out of politics. I was looking for a video of Thom Hartmann -a progressive radio personality I am familiar with who has been talking about this for years and has a lot of historical knowledge on the matter- talking about corporate person-hood. I just watched this for the first time just now and I think it does a good job of explaining the evolution of the idea of corporate person-hood. 

Juan, why would I want to watch and hour-long video from around Barack Obama's first term? Because it lays out the basis for the justification used to allow corporations to buy our elections and politicians. It explains how that justification is based not on a supreme court ruling but on a clerks note. And if we are ever going to have a free and fair election process we need to end this idea that corporations are people. The more you know about this the more you can spread the word and take back our Democracy,

I believe that the best solution is to the problem of corporate person-hood is to bypass the Supreme Court, and congress and amend the constitution with a Free and Fair Elections Amendment that will preserve our democracy for future generations ending corporate person-hood.  The Organization that I believe will accomplish this is Wolf-PAC.  So far they have 5 states that have passed resolutions calling for a constitutional convention with 7 other states in process with a 2/3 majority to make an official call for a convention.

Wolf-PAC was started my my favorite person in news: The Young Turks founder/host Cenk Uygur.  While the show leans left/progressive, Wolf-PAC is non-partisan as real people on both the left and right stand to profit when we get corporate money out of elections.

Also of interest that I didn't know, at least one of the founding fathers (Thomas Jefferson) never intended for the Supreme court to be the end-all be-all for law in the land.

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