AT (After Trump) To-Do List 2. Bring Back Real Investigative Reporting


The Young Turks, an online news channel that I have been watching since 2006 is trying to raise $2 Million dollars to fund hiring 4 new investigative reporting teams.  That is $500,000 a piece, for one investigative reporter. the necessary support staff, and legal fees necessary to sustain the effort for a year. That might sound like a lot of money to you and me but did you know that Rachel Maddow makes just under $20,000/day?  Or that Megyn Kelly is looking for $20 Million/Year for her next contract?  That's just under $55,000/day!  Have either of these people ever broke a story?  Rachel says "I'm not trying to change things, I'm trying to cover them."  What does that get us?

If you need to see what one person can do on a shoestring TYT budget take a look at the three playlists at the bottom of this post done by Jordan Chariton.  The Young Turks' first reporter?  So far he has brought the flint water crisis to the forefront and now the water crisis in East Chicago Indiana, provided the best coverage of the DAPL protests, and took down a CNN anchor Donna Brazile for giving Hillary Clinton town hall questions in advance of the event.

If you were are a Bernie supporter  you know that the mainstream media had a virtual blackout on his campaign, if you are a progressive you know that no mainstream media outlets gave more than a few minutes to the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest.  If you are a conservative you know that the mainstream media gave Hillary a pass on many issues that deserved to be addressed.  It is starting to become common knowledge that the corporation-owned mainstream media outlets only serve the interests of their master and they make untold fortunes every election season in ad money thanks to a corrupt system that they have no interest in reforming; why would they?

I donated $55.55 to the campaign, it's not much but it is symbolic in many ways.

"5" the number of total investigative reporters TYT will have (counting Jordan Chariton) if they raise the full $2 million.

The number 5 four times, they need $500,000 for a total of four new reporters.

Yesterday they reached their first $500,000 milestone and announced the first reporter watch below to learn more about Nomiki Konst.  I can't wait to see see what stories she uncovers and watch her and Jordan hold the establishment's feet to the fire.  I am proud to have played a part in her being hired.

Image Source: The National Herald

And watch the following playlists to sample some of the product that TYT has produced with their one and only investigative reporter Jordan Chariton and his team.

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