Music: AI Attempts to Write a Christmas Carol

I found this in on the AV Club:

Their description is hilarious!

Now, researchers in Toronto have used a technology called “neural karaoke” to teach a computer to write a song after looking at a photo - The karaoke technology first listened to 100 hours of Christmas music to figure out a simple melody, to which it then added chords and drums. It then viewed pictures and composes lyrics based on the words associated with those pictures. Then, if you’re lucky, it will sing those words to you - and the little carol  it penned after viewing a festive Christmas tree is an absolutely horrifying display of what these things think of us. Why the fuck is there music coming from the hall? Who is out there, and what are they doing? Why will “you” always be here, singer? These are not lyrics, they are the moans of the damned, trapped between this world and something beyond it, just conscious enough to know they are not at rest.

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