AT (After Trump): Calexit?

6th largest economy in the world...

"He argued California is an economic powerhouse that subsidizes dozens of southern and midwestern states that don't share its values. He said the Golden State’s own crumbling highways, bridges, levees and schools should get that money instead."

 I don't think that even Trump could devolve my faith in America fast enough to make me sign something like that in the timeframe they need to get the signatures in. Despite the fact that the electoral college basically renders this state's much larger population's opinion ineffectual I think that more good can be done if California remains. For example even though Trump will likely loosen emission and efficiency standards in the automotive sector the CARB and their associated states will still be able to pressure the automakers to keep the targets set by the Obama administration. For me I think that it would take the moral unraveling (not in the stereotypical religious sense) of our country for me to put pen to paper. I'm not so worried about the fact that we financially support states that have less than us. If we as a country continue down the path of limiting speech, the press, indefinite detentions, religious persecution, racial discrimination, societal neglect then yes I could see a point where I would support California becoming an entity separate from the US. I think the one thing that definitely cause me to sign something like this in the immediate future would be if the powers that be try to drag us into another full scale war. I would sign that thing tomorrow if Trump said we were going to war with Iran, China, Canada, Mexico who knows who it could be

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