Current Events: Faith In Humanity


NPR: No Jail Time For 19-Year-Old In Idaho Coat-Hanger Assault Case

Independent: Beloved hippo Gustavito beaten, kicked and stabbed to death in El Salvador zoo


Music: Teens Reacting to Marilyn Manson

Click-baity title but I found myself heartened by these teens and their opinions and reactions to old Manson.


Music: Marc Cohn covers The Only Living Boy in New York

Tom, get your plane right on time
I know your part'll go fineFly down to MexicoDoh-n-doh-de-doh-n-dohAnd here I amThe only living boy in New YorkI get the news I needOn the weather reportOh, I can gather all the news I needOn the weather reportHey, I've got nothing to do todayBut smile, de-doh-n-doh-de-dohAnd here I amThe only living boy in New YorkHalf of the time we're goneBut we don't know whereAnd we don't know whereAh-ah-ahAh-ah-ahAh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahHere I amHalf of the time we're goneBut we don't know whereAnd we don't know whereTom, get your plane right on timeI know that you've been eager to fly nowHey let your honesty shine, shine, shine nowDoh-n-doh-de-doh-n-dohLike it shines on meThe only living boy in New YorkThe only living boy in New YorkAh-ah-ahAh-ah-ahAh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahHere I amAh-ah-ahAh-ah-ahAh-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ahHere I am 


Music: MILCK & GW Sirens Perform "Quiet"

This was posted on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee's YouTube page a few weeks ago, I watched it for the first time yesterday and thought it would be worth a share.


Juan-stagram: Dollhouse Patio Set Fix

So the Super-friends we're having trouble balancing on their stools (from the same set as the swing) so I decided to take some of the extra 1/4" plywood left over from my chair repair and make a base for the whole thing,

I used a square and the tops of the stools to draw the small radii and a compass for the larger radius  my jigsaw for the cuts and my drill for the holes.

I drilled holes in the stools and the patio table threaded some button-head bolts through the base and screwed the table and chairs to the base.

The Super-friends and my daughter are much happier now!

AT (After Trump): Again With the Levi Johnston's Blues

Hearken back to the heady days when Sarah Palin was our biggest concern...

"I'm a fucking redneck
I live to hang out with the boys
play some hockey

do some fishing
and kill some moose"

The Cali’ Experience: Davis (Our Hometown) Votes to Leave Wells Fargo

"The Davis City Council voted late Tuesday to sever ties with Wells Fargo after residents voiced concerns about the company’s involvement in the controversial Dakota Access pipeline and regulators last year found the bank created unauthorized consumer accounts.

City Council members voted 5-0 to seek a new bank – or possibly a credit union – to handle the city’s finances.

They said they were responding to residents who took particular issue with Wells Fargo’s role as a financier of the Dakota pipeline, as well as a scandal regulators uncovered last year in which the bank set up bank accounts for consumers without their knowledge. Some council members said they wanted to direct the city’s financial business toward a smaller bank based locally."


AT (After Trump): Anti-mimesis The Office

Anti-mimesis is a philosophical position that holds the direct opposite of Aristotelian mimesis. Its most notable proponent is Oscar Wilde, who opined in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying that, "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life".

Juan-stagram: Doll House Swing Design Flaw

My daughter has a dollhouse and some of the accessories she has make my design OCD act up.  This swing in particular frustrated both me and her.  The swing basically sits on the base with nothing but gravity to keep it in place.

I used a 1/16" drill bit in my Dremel press (since I never have a chance to use the thing) hoping that the extra high RPM would make four nice clean holes in the small wooden base. 

Using four of the smallest nails that I could find and two small strips of plastic (the kind used in a blister pack) I made a some U-bolt like fasteners to keep the swing on the base.

I cut the strips to size then used the holes you drilled to punch through the plastic at the right spacing. Since the nails I had were slightly smaller than the holes I drilled I put a small bead of hot glue in each hole to make the nails stick.  Placed the beam across the base and and nailed the strips in. Works much netter now!


MotoGP: Rossi at Sepang Test 1

Q: Who are you?
A: Rossi.
Q: What do you do?
A: Ride a motorcycle as fast as I possibly can.
Q: Anything else?
A: No...

The single-mindedness is admirable.


Juan-stagram: IKEA Kids Furniture Fail

At some point the veneered fiber board seat on my daughter's table and chairs broke, either by her or someone else standing on it.  I had visions of her standing on it again and her leg pushing through and trapping her leg like some sort of trap.

So I disassembled them and replaced the seats with 1/4" finished plywood from the local ACE Hardware.

Then I reinforced the the chairs and the as-yet unbroken table with some 1" dowel rod underneath for good measure.


AT (After Trump): Join The Justice Democrats Take Back the Democratic Party

Watch this video below and then wait for Cenk to get pissed at the 4:25 mark. The Justice Democrats were announced on Jan 23rd but I really like how he breaks down what a TRUE progressive democrat should behave.

Here is the Justice Democrat's Platform statement.  You can go to their website and read the full descriptions of each bullet-point I have placed below. After you do that if you think that if you think that this sounds better than the Democratic party that we have now please take ten seconds and sign up to show your support.  I have compiled a number of videos below as well about the justice democrats for you to watch if you want to learn more.

Justice Democrats' Platform

It’s time to face the facts: the Democratic Party is broken and the corporate, establishment wing of the party is responsible. Republicans now hold most state legislatures, most governorships, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency. So in 2018, hundreds of Justice Democrats will run a unified campaign to replace every corporate-backed member of Congress and rebuild the party from scratch. This is our plan.

  • Pass a constitutional amendment to put an end to Washington corruption and bring about election reform.
  • Re-regulate Wall Street and hold white-collar criminals accountable.
  • End billionaire and corporate tax dodging, fix the system to benefit middle-class and poor people.
  • Defend free speech and expression.
  • Oppose bigotry.
  • Make the minimum wage a living wage and tie it to inflation.
  • Ensure universal healthcare as a right.
  • Ensure universal education as a right.
  • End unnecessary wars and nation building.
  • End the failed war on drugs.
  • Create the new new deal.
  • Create the renewable energy revolution.
  • Block the TPP and all outsourcing deals that will further damage the middle-class.
  • End Constitutional overreaches.
  • Ban arming human rights violators.
  • Enact common-sense gun regulation.
  • Ensure paid vacation time, sick time, maternity leave, childcare.
  • Abolish the death penalty.
  • Defend and protect women’s rights.
  • Enact police reform.
The Young Turks (Introduce Justice Democrats) 01-23-17

Secular Talk (Introduces Justice Democrats) 01-23-17

TYT Interviews the Executive Director Of Justice Democrats 01-26-17

Aggressive Progressives Talks About Justice Democrats 01-29-17

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Justice Democrats: Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram