AT (After Trump): Join The Justice Democrats Take Back the Democratic Party

Watch this video below and then wait for Cenk to get pissed at the 4:25 mark. The Justice Democrats were announced on Jan 23rd but I really like how he breaks down what a TRUE progressive democrat should behave.

Here is the Justice Democrat's Platform statement.  You can go to their website and read the full descriptions of each bullet-point I have placed below. After you do that if you think that if you think that this sounds better than the Democratic party that we have now please take ten seconds and sign up to show your support.  I have compiled a number of videos below as well about the justice democrats for you to watch if you want to learn more.

Justice Democrats' Platform

It’s time to face the facts: the Democratic Party is broken and the corporate, establishment wing of the party is responsible. Republicans now hold most state legislatures, most governorships, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency. So in 2018, hundreds of Justice Democrats will run a unified campaign to replace every corporate-backed member of Congress and rebuild the party from scratch. This is our plan.

  • Pass a constitutional amendment to put an end to Washington corruption and bring about election reform.
  • Re-regulate Wall Street and hold white-collar criminals accountable.
  • End billionaire and corporate tax dodging, fix the system to benefit middle-class and poor people.
  • Defend free speech and expression.
  • Oppose bigotry.
  • Make the minimum wage a living wage and tie it to inflation.
  • Ensure universal healthcare as a right.
  • Ensure universal education as a right.
  • End unnecessary wars and nation building.
  • End the failed war on drugs.
  • Create the new new deal.
  • Create the renewable energy revolution.
  • Block the TPP and all outsourcing deals that will further damage the middle-class.
  • End Constitutional overreaches.
  • Ban arming human rights violators.
  • Enact common-sense gun regulation.
  • Ensure paid vacation time, sick time, maternity leave, childcare.
  • Abolish the death penalty.
  • Defend and protect women’s rights.
  • Enact police reform.
The Young Turks (Introduce Justice Democrats) 01-23-17

Secular Talk (Introduces Justice Democrats) 01-23-17

TYT Interviews the Executive Director Of Justice Democrats 01-26-17

Aggressive Progressives Talks About Justice Democrats 01-29-17

Secular Talk 02-01-17

Justice Democrats: Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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