Moto: 2001 Yamaha FZ1 Startup After Wiring Harness Replacement

Chasing down some electrical gremlins on my bike I bought a low mileage used wiring harness off of eBay (2005 FZ1 with 1444 miles) for $45 (brand new was $560) and installed it.  I basically stripped off the bodywork and started unplugging the old harness and plugging in the new one.  As I moved towards the front I would pull out the old harness up to the next plugs and rout the new one in.  I was able to do this job without removing anything but the bodywork and lifting the tank.



  1. Great job Juan..it's been awhile since I have seen one of your motorcycle videos. You really have a knack for fix, building and creating .. :)

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