Scott Walker has left the building: My time protesting the man and the death of my love for Madison WI

So Wisconsin finally voted out Scott Walker... I have been waiting for this day; A day that the general population of the state came to their senses and sent a clear message to their governor.  It was a mistake, we never should have been with you in the first place, our lives are now so much worse for having know you. Instead the state barely voted him out by narrow margins 49.6% Tony Evers 48.4% Scott Walker.  So he is gone but the cathartic moment I was hoping for is now dashed upon the rocks on the Milwaukee shoreline of Lake Michigan carried on by the weakest of blue waves.  Did you hear that?


There it went.

Still in honor of the flaccid moment in Wisconsin's political history I felt motivated to share what material I had generated during the 2011 Act 10 protests and the Recall Election.  I don't expect anyone to really sit through the 45 minutes of photos and video I compiled on YouTube but you can find it below if you are so interested and as a epilogue of sorts I am including something I wrote on the night of the failed recall election.

2012-06-05 When Is a Hometown Not A Hometown Anymore

It happened faster than anyone could have anticipated in under an hour after the official close of the polls (2051 to be exact) NBC called the election for Republicans.  My wife and I sat there in disbelief; with only 23% of precincts reporting, surely that there was still a chance!  The next hour saw three more major news outlets call the race in favor of the Republicans and all hope was gone. My wife sat there, she never really wept, the tears just welled up and she blinked them away.

The night I met her (was pretty cloudy) but I clearly recall saying to her when she told me what her job was that, "along with nursing, that it was one of the great thankless professions."  Over six years later I sat there and watched my now wife crying, neither of us could have imagined back then, the depth to the truth that statement would carry.

What do you do when a state’s population roundly rejects your professions right to fair pay and benefits?  Where do you go from there?  The immediate knee jerk reaction for both of us was "away."

She went to bed, she had to go to work the next day and do the job that had just been confirmed to be of less worth by a majority of the voters in our state.  Since I am still on my long break and I had anticipated that the election would run much later into the night and had planned to go to an election watch party at a theater near the state capitol building, at the time of making that plan I thought that surely had we won, the celebration would have been one to be a part of.  Instead, driving down there knowing that the Republicans had already won the night had an entirely different feeling.

It was about 2220 when I finally left the house, I figured that maybe I could meet some interesting people still and maybe start on my goal of adding some Democratic friends to my circle.  The temperature was in the mid 60's and the moon was full and low, that brown/orange that makes you want to stop and stare at it, something that never looks the same when you take a picture of it.  It is something that you just have to see.  I drove the Buick down there slowly (around 5 mph under the speed limit) not consciously, there were no cars on the road so you could just drive your mood and my mood was 5 mph slower than the law dictated.  I had the four windows cracked about 3 inches and the cool air felt wonderful, not being in a rush to get down there I took the time to take in the sights.

Not much changes on the way to downtown.  It's when you get onto the main road into campus that the changes start to become evident.  The gigantic Target Superstore, the string of new apartment construction that backs up against the main drag and the new UHS building also along the "high speed" portion of the main drag before you get to the Mechanical Engineering Building.  Then there's the new student union, and a plethora of new buildings, the absence of an old residence hall and the presence of the monstrosity that is the new one.  It began to dawn on me that none of this is familiar to me at all.  I used to think that I had fond memories of the two years I screwed off on campus but that place is gone...

I parked at the ramp that sits behind the where we had our wedding and after driving past some twenty-somethings that were just out getting drunk on a Tuesday (ah those days) and then it dawned on me, some of the partial genius of the timing of the vote, the bulk of the students were gone, it was summer break.  None of these "kids" seemed to be aware of what had gone on during the day and what transpired that night, they were caught up in their own microcosms.

I walked up towards the capitol and was greeted by a small crowd (maybe 200 people) of hangers-on, most were resigned, angry, all were talking about general strikes, other options of what to do next.  I stood across the street and watched long enough for some young Republicans to drive up honking their horns and waving out the windows.  They slowed to a crawl, I couldn't hear what they were saying over the honking and the "fuck you's" that the small crowd were hurling towards the cars.  The eight policemen next to me in their in riot gear perked up for a second, but the car drove off without incident and they went back to wishing they were anywhere else on a Tuesday night.

None of those people seemed like friend material to me so I walked past them and out of earshot of their grumblings.  My mind went back to how nice of a night it really was, in an "Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?" sort of way.  The Capitol Building was looking its best against the night sky, one of the sights I will never get tired of here.   "Sad to think that a Republican will get to continue to inhabit the place," I thought to myself.  I caught up to a rough looking fellow that I'm sure the right wingers would have loved to hold up as an occupy derelict.  I couldn't tell if he was drunk, a little off or both when he says to me, "there's always the legal route."  I chuckled and said, "Let’s hope so," and moved on.

The watch party at the theater was more of the same, "Who was I kidding," I thought to myself.  The kind of Democratic friends I was looking for wouldn't still be out at 11:00p on a Tuesday night drinking five dollar tall boys of Pabst Blue Ribbon; So I continued on my trek around the square, around the two last "quiet" corners of the square and back to the loud corner and down towards where I parked, I thought I would stop by one of the old hangers-on bars that I like and have a drink.

This street had changed a lot since I came here as well; some of the bars had the same name but were in different locations, others were in the same location but with different names, shuffled in the name of revitalization.  When I got to my regular bar it looked like it was open but there was no staff in sight, the desire for a drink had waned so much at that point that I didn't even have the motivation to reach out and grab the handle of the door and give it a pull to see if it was locked.

I went back to the car, and took the same slow drive back home, with a feeling I had one other time after a walk around downtown, when I came to the realization that I would never be happy until I went back to school and got my Bachelors.  That it was a wound to my psyche to have that failure hanging over my head.  I was on my way home with the realization that this isn't the same place I remembered it to be.  It used to be the city I loved; now it is the city I live in.  And if the city you live in is surrounded by a population that thinks and acts counter to the way you do, you really need to love that city to stay there.  I drove home not sure that I had that love in me anymore.

I started to think about the changes to the city and a metaphor started to form in my head of the city and myself and my friends.  I have lived in here for 15 years and no one can expect a city to stay the same forever.  And much like this city has changed so have my friends, things have happened in their lives and mine and those things have changed each and every one of us.  As I've said recently when I see my friends and listen to them talk and see their actions, it feels like I have very little in common with them other than time spent.  Just like this town.  The thing now is what do I do with that realization?


AT (After Trump): Henry Rollins/Joe Strummer Meme Making The Rounds

I like it so I thought I would share the audio clip of Henry Speaking the words as well.

AT (After Trump): Deep Seated Xenophobia Comes to the Surface In Mauston, WI

Growing up we were poor, two years prior to our 1988 move to Wisconsin my Dad had convinced my mom to try and move from Hammond Indiana to Puerto Rico to be close to his family in Yabucoa they sold the house we were living in and spent all the money on tickets to Puerto Rico and we left.  My Mom being a midwestern gal hated it immediately (too hot, too humid) if we lasted a month I would be surprised.  All I know is that when spent the rest of our money to fly back we had no money at all upon arrival back in our hometown in the Continental United States. My Dad had to go to the St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Hammond and ask for money from the Nuns at the Convent for food and for lodging.

During that time of my life I distinctly remember waiting in an actual foodstamp line on more than one occasion; Because of this I know what government cheese is, what it tastes like and I have drank government powdered milk.  We spent the next two years floating around the area before  moving from Hammond Indiana to Elroy Wisconsin (population 463 at the time and hometown to then Governor Tommy Thompson) on the heels of my Mother's bachelors degree in Theology from Calumet College of St. Joseph.  She was able to got a job as the Director of Religious Education for St. Patrick's Catholic Church.  The only reason that we were able to afford to move there was because part of the job was that we would be allowed to live in the vacant second floor of the rectory free of charge and my mother would be paid for her work.  My Dad managed to land a job at Walker Stainless as a welder, a job that he held until a few years ago when he retired.  After two years my parents were able to save enough money with their jobs and the fact that we were not paying out of pocket for housing for a down payment on a ranch home in Mauston, WI.  My mom quit her job and focused on raising us and my Dad supported us with his one job the rest of my childhood.

There is a lot more to that time in my life but for now I want to focus on an event that just happened there this last Sunday involving my Dad.

A little over five years ago; When I moved to California, My dad bought my 2005 Buick Lacrosse from me.  My now deceased mother always loved the car so he bought it for her.  A few months ago he hit a deer he finally got it repaired out of his own pocket and then this past Sunday someone vandalized it in the early morning hours. They egged the car, smashed in his driver's side rear window, spray painted the word "fuck" on the drivers side quarter panel, opened the gas tank and attempted to (succeeded in?) putting egg in there, spray painted "KKK," a Swastika and a penis on the trunk lid and keyed the car.

My dad has another car that was parked in the garage at the time, He didn't need to fix it up after the deer incident; in reality it was financially unwise but he loved my mother and he saw it as a way to stay connected to her.  Now this...



I want to share this because I know that nothing will be done about it.  No one will be held to account and the same racism that has peaked it's head up for this brief moment will go back to curdling just below the small town facade as it was during my time in small town Wisconsin.  Nobody will care that a retired, Puerto Rican, Catholic Deacon,  widower, veteran, who got himself some bootstraps and pulled off the American dream had this happen to him when his Daughter and Grandkids were home visiting.

I'll close out this rather long post with an excerpt of something that in 2009 because I think it does a better job at describing the victim of this hate crime than I can do in the emotional state I am currently in:

"My Dad"

An article in The Catholic Times eleven days ago (2009-08-07) mentions my Dad.  The article is announcing the Ordination of a new Deacon.  The new Deacon said the example my dad set helped him realize that the calling he felt to service was a calling to the Diaconate.  “He’s a quiet, humble man,” he said.  “Through him I experienced Christ the servant, who a Deacon is supposed to be.”

I never thought it would be possible to say so much about my Dad with so few words.  Perhaps he didn’t know how true his statement rang through my Dad’s entire life.  Ever since I can remember my dad has been in service, before he became a Deacon he was in service to his family.  One of my favorite things to do when I was growing up was to go with my Mom to take Dad lunch.  Back when my Mom was studying Theology, My dad was working as a maintenance man at a high school and during the summer one of his jobs was to mow the grounds at the school.  These were my favorite times to go because I liked to see the tractor, the lunch, which in most of my memories was a TV Dinner that my mom would bring to him hot was barely a meal for someone who did pretty much manual labor all day.  This was before the super mega “hungry man” TV dinners we have today.  Me and my sister, being young and oblivious to the reality that was our Dad’s life would sit there and wait, hoping that he would share the little dessert cake which was normally a brownie or some sort of cranberry pie thing, with us and every time, my dad, who was busting his ass all day at a minimum wage job, which garnered little to no respect, managed to pretend like he was going to eat it and eventually would give it to me and my sister to share.  Even though my Dad was likely still hungry after that little lunch, it meant more to him to see the smiles on our faces than to eat that little bit extra of food.

My dad became a Deacon right under my nose, I didn’t realize at the time when he would go on “retreats” that he was studying to be Ordained.  All I knew was that he would always bring me and my sister each and individually packaged bowl of cereal.  We thought the tiny boxes were so cool!  Never even thinking that my Dad might have gone without breakfast to bring them home to us.  I never really thought about why my Dad even wanted to become a Deacon in the first place, perhaps it was because there were a number of times that the Church came to our family’s aid when we had trouble to make ends meet.  I’m sure that my dad felt a calling and a strong desire to repay the services bestowed to him.  Earlier in the aforementioned article, the new Deacon says, “When a Deacon serves at the altar; he stands as a sign of the poor and the needy.”  Perhaps that is why my Dad chose to become a Deacon, to be an ambassador for “our kind.”


Current Events: Dixon's vice-mayor is a piece of... work.

Read more on Percolately: California Vice Mayor Declares July ‘Straight Pride American Month’ While Demeaning Gay Men In Scathing Column

Is it just me or does he wish for the LGBTQ community to die at the end of his article?

"so according to “Wikipedia” faries are powered “bypiezoelectric” crystals which can be energized by sound waves like made by clapping. So, right now if you don’t want any faries to expire, you can clap your hands. See, I do have a heart I just can’t type and clap at the same time… so I had to make a hard choice didn’t I?"

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"


Music: Rest In Peace Ed Simons (World's Oldest Active Orchestra Conductor)

A pretty inspirational story/video. Music really does keep you young!

Ed Simons, who passed away yesterday (06/26/18) at the age of 101, was the oldest active orchestra conductor in the world. From learning how to play the violin by watching musicians at his local concert hall at age nine, to performing for President Truman as he headed to the Potsdam Peace Conference, to conducting eight Broadway shows, Ed Simons lived a life dedicated to music.

“So what’s your secret? How do you get to be 100?” a former student asked Ed. He answered, “Music. Music is the medicine.”


AT (After Trump): Finally Some Hope Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins!!!

Image Source: Justice Democrats

Justice Democrats failed at their attempt at unseating Feinstein but they took down Joe Crowley tonight. I can proudly tell my daughters about this astounding woman’s victory. Congrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Read/Watch more on PBS: In an upset, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beats top House Democrat in New York primary

“We beat a machine with a movement, and that is what we have done today,” said Ocasio-Cortez, a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders who has never held elected office and whose candidacy attracted only modest media attention. “Working-class Americans want a clear champion and there is nothing radical about moral clarity in 2018.”

Watch more on TYT:


AT (After Trump): Harley Davidson to Shift Production of Motorcycles Overseas

Image Source (Chicago Tribune)

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump announced 25 percent tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from Europe and Asia. In response, the EU has levied additional import taxes on American products, including motorcycles, orange juice, bourbon, peanut butter, motorboats, cigarettes, and denim.

These new tariffs would hit Harley Davidson particularly hard – the EU is raising tariffs on American motorcycles from six percent to 31 percent.

Read about it on Second Nexus: Harley Davidson to Shift Production of Motorcycles Overseas in Response to EU Tariffs

Watch about it on TYT:

AT (After Trump): Mining to Begin at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

In December 2017, President Trump removed protections from nearly 1 million acres of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and 1.2 million acres of Bears Ears National Monument, both located in Utah. The move amounted to the largest elimination of protected areas in U.S. history. Within Trump’s proclamation was a provision that in February 2018, the areas excluded from the monuments would become open to private mineral companies to begin staking mining and drilling claims.

“[T]he Colt Mesa project is a welcome addition to the Company’s ever growing portfolio of projects,” Saf Dhillon, president and chief executive officer of Glacier Lake Resources, said in a press release. “Surface exploration work will start this summer on the Colt Mesa property and drill permitting will be initiated shortly.”

Read more at ThinkProgress: Mining to begin in national monument eliminated by Trump

AT (After Trump): Senator Elizabeth Warren Visits The Immigrant Holding Facilities

Elizabeth Warren is one of the politicians who’s moral compass I trust. She looks as if she has seen a ghost when she is speaking of what she saw at this “reunification center.” We as a nation need more people like her in positions of power. I can only wonder what may have been if she would have endorsed Bernie Sanders in the Primaries and committed to running as his VP in the General. We very well may have not been dealing with this. For now though we remain in the upside down.

Read more on Sentaor Warren's Blog: Here’s What I Saw at the Border

Key takeaways:

Before we could get in, CBP insisted we had to watch a government propaganda video. There’s no other way to describe it – it’s like a movie trailer. It was full of dramatic narration about the “illegals” crossing our border, complete with gory pictures about the threats that these immigrants bring to the United States, from gangs to skin rashes. The star of the show is CBP, which, according to the video, has done a great job driving down the numbers."

"Next we came into the area where the children were held. These cages were bigger with far more people. In the center of the cage, there’s a freestanding guard tower probably a story or story-and-a-half taller to look down over the children. The girls are held separately in their own large cage. The children told us that they had come to the United States with family and didn’t know where they had been taken. Eleven years old. Twelve. Locked in a cage with strangers. Many hadn’t talked to their mothers or fathers. They didn’t know where they were or what would happen to them next.

The children were quiet. Early afternoon, and they just sat. Some were on thin mats with foil blankets pulled over their heads. They had nothing – no books, no toys, no games. They looked shell shocked."

"One thing you won’t see much of in the CBP processing center? Fathers caged with their children. After pressing the CBP agents, they explained that men traveling with children are automatically released from the facility. They just don’t have the cages there to hold them. Women with small children, on the other hand, could be detained indefinitely. I pressed them on this again and again. The only answer: they claimed to be protecting “the safety of the mother and children.”"

  • The Trump administration may be “reunifying” families, but their definition of a family is only a parent and a child. If, for example, a 9-year-old crosses with an 18-year-old sister – or an aunt or uncle, or a grandparent, or anyone who isn’t the child’s documented legal guardian – they are not counted as a family and they will be separated.
  • Mothers and children may be considered “together” if they’re held in the same gigantic facility, even if they’re locked in separate cages with no access to one another. (In the world of CBP and ICE, that’s how the 10-year-old girls locked in a giant cage are “not separated” from their mothers who are in cages elsewhere in the facility.)
  • In the process of “reunifying” families, the government may possibly count a family as reunited by sending the child to a distant relative they’ve never met – not their parents. Some relatives may be unwilling to claim these children because it would be inviting ICE to investigate their own families.
  • Parents are so desperate to be reunited with their children that they may be trading in their legal right to asylum.
  • The system for tracking separated families is virtually unknown, if one exists at all. One expert worries that for some families, just a simple photo may be all the documentation that the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services have to reunite them. (I sincerely hope that’s not true.)


AT (After Trump): Trump autographed photos of people murdered by undocumented immigrants (The Week)

So Trupm recruits families of victims slain by immigrants to use them as a political prop, autographs the photos of their deceased family members... 

...and then makes a joke about one of the victims saying he looks like Tom Selleck.

What in the holy f#ck... I hope the look and feelings in the heart of all the people who voted for him are that of a puppy who just s#it on the kitchen floor.

As a side note “The Week” is a republican magazine. Read more there: Trump autographed photos of people murdered by undocumented immigrants

Current Events: Justin Trudeau Legalizes It?


AT (After Trump): Fighting Disinformation on The Immigrant Child Separation at the Border (MotherWise)

Image and information source: MotherWise Facebook

The disinformation campaign aimed at gullible right-wingers is a serious issue. Republicans on my page, on social media, in the comments of news articles are all repeating the same false information regarding the new border policy.
This is brainwashing, and it is successful. This is what happens when all credible news sources are called “fake news” by the White House, while the actual fake news is steadily consumed by right-wingers.
They keep saying “Well they shouldn’t come here illegally.” FALSE. Asylum-seekers are NOT HERE ILLEGALLY. Learn about asylum before trying to talk about this issue.
They keep saying “Clinton and Obama did this too.” FALSE. The policy of changing the penalty from a misdemeanor to 6 months to 2 years of prison time is NEW. It is implemented by Trump. Unaccompanied minors who crossed the border were previously detained and then released to family in the US. That is NOT the same policy as Trump’s new policy of arresting parents and taking their children. That’s why everyone “suddenly cares” — because it’s different and worse than before.
They keep saying “It’s easy to come here legally, they should just do it the legal way.” FALSE. It can take decades and thousands of dollars to come here legally. People fleeing violent war-torn regions often do not have those resources. It is not easy nor cheap, and the process needs to be changed. Learn extensively about immigration before trying to talk about this issue.
They keep saying “My ancestors came here legally, if they can do it, anyone can.” FALSE. None of us white folks are here legally, because we are on stolen land. Indigenous people — the rightful owners of this land — did not create these laws. Plus, immigration laws have changed drastically since Ellis Island. It’s similar to when baby boomers say “I bought a house on minimum wage, you can too!” Yes, Susan, things have changed since then.
They keep saying “These children are being taken care of! It’s like summer camp! It’s only temporary.” FALSE. There is no plan for reuniting these undocumented people. Read it again: THERE IS NO PLAN for getting these children back to their parents. It’s not like summer camp because there is no summer camp during which children are stolen from their parents with no plan to return them.
The general disinformation campaign has been happening since before Trump was put into power, but it has increased sharply since then. The goal is to create a compliant group of non-critical-thinkers who believe everything they’re told, without ever seeking to verify facts or sources.
Popular conservative news site The Drudge Report recently used a photo of Syrian children holding guns, pretended they were immigrant children trying to enter the US, and used it as propaganda to support Trump’s agenda. This is literal FAKE NEWS. But their followers won’t think twice about it and won’t try to check the source. Because critical thinking is dead for them. Fake news reigns. To the detriment of us all.


Music: Marilyn Manson Covers "Cry Little Sister"

Love Marilyn Manson's cover of Gerald McMann (McMahon's) "Cry Little Sister" made famous in the movie "The Lost Boys."

Check out the original with scenes from the movie below!


MotoGP: Danilo Petrucci Gets a MotoGP Factory Ride with Ducati

Asphalt And Rubber: Danilo Petrucci Gets a MotoGP Factory Ride with Ducati 

Now all the puzzle pieces for the next two years will start falling into place. Great news for one of my favorite riders. Danilo gets a Factory Ducati ride!!!

This is also a good opportunity for me to share my favorite Petrucci moment ever from The 2012 Red Bull Indianapolis GP Riders for Health Auction.  @ 9:05 Nick Harris asks Danilo Petrucci what he has brought to auction off and he can't talk because he is distracted by a girl on the stand-up wheelie machine.

MotoGP: CONFIRMED: Lorenzo to ride for Repsol Honda in 2019 and 2020

MotoGP.com: CONFIRMED: Lorenzo to ride for Repsol Honda in 2019 and 2020

Last Sunday during the race the commentator were talking about Jorge Lorenzo’s statement, “I will be on a competitive bike for the next two years.” They were like, “What’s left for him?!?” I thought to myself, “The Honda DUMMIES!!!” The switch was so far out of left field they couldn’t even imagine it. Marc Marquez cannot be happy about this.


Of Interest: The NRA Supported Gun Control When The Black Panthers Had the Weapons

History.com: How the Black Panthers Inspired California’s Strict Gun Laws

What it took to get the NRAcists to back gun control.

“Emboldened by their calm exchange with the police, members of the group began to follow police cars and dispense legal advice to African-Americans who were stopped by the police while legally carrying their weapons. The group referred to these activities as “police patrols.”

“Bobby Seale and Huey Newton used the Second Amendment to justify carrying guns in public to police the police,” says Winkler. “The Panthers would stand to the sidelines with their guns, shouting out directions to the person. That they had the right to remain silent, that they were watching and that if anything bad happened that the Black Panthers would be there to protect them.”


Funny: Man With 20 Rifles Can’t Remember If His Goal To Start Or Stop Violent Overthrow Of Government

The Onion: Man With 20 Rifles Can’t Remember If His Goal To Start Or Stop Violent Overthrow Of Government

"I’m certain I got these guns for a patriotic purpose, and I know that I held strong feelings about that purpose at the time. I just wish I could remember exactly what it was,”

“I mean, when Obama was president, they were for sure so I could overthrow the government. But now, I feel like it might be to defend it? Man, I sure don’t know."


Found Coolness: Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years (Golden Record Bonus)

NASA: Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years

Voyager 1, NASA's farthest and fastest spacecraft, is the only human-made object in interstellar space, the environment between the stars. The spacecraft, which has been flying for 40 years, relies on small devices called thrusters to orient itself so it can communicate with Earth. These thrusters fire in tiny pulses, or "puffs," lasting mere milliseconds, to subtly rotate the spacecraft so that its antenna points at our planet. Now, the Voyager team is able to use a set of four backup thrusters, dormant since 1980.

As a side note I have known since I was a kid that they placed golden records on the Voyager spacecrafts I always thought they were audio only but reading on the NASA website about the contents of the records I saw that there were images too! The 115 images are encoded in analog form. 

NASA: Images on the Golden Record

And then I found a video of what the images would look like if properly decoded from the record!

Pretty awesome; And as a side note I didn't see a single picture of an American Flag.


Current Events:RIP Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking passed away 11 days ago, here is a nice bit of audio set to video with some inspiring quotes from the man; "One planet, One human race."


Current Events: Innocent Until Proven Black

White supremacist Dylan Roof got better police treatment than Stephon Clark, who was shot 20 times in his grandma's backyard for holding up his iPhone. White supremacist terrorists get better treatment than innocent black people.



Music: Miles Davis' "Get Up With It"

I don’t dabble in jazz too much but I read this article Saturday night (early Sunday morning) and have given the album three listens. To an untrained ear it is quite enjoyable!

Pitchfork Album Review: Miles Davis Get Up With It

I like this Sly Stone quote:

Dark arts arose from his keys, as Sly Stone’s bassist of the time recalled during one coke-fueled night: “[Miles] got on Sly’s organ and started to voice these nine-note, ethereal crazy chords. Sly…came out yelling, ’Who in the fuck is doing that on my organ? Miles, get your motherfucking ass out…Don’t ever play that voodoo shit here.’”


Music: Matchbox Twenty "Busted"

Feeling the late 90s this evening:

“I dreamed that the world was crumbling down

We sat on my back porch and watched it

I dreamed that the buildings all fell down

We sat on my back porch and watched it

I dreamed that the world was crumbling down

We sat on my back porch and watched it

In my head I heard the sound

Like fifteen strangers dancing”


Funny: Beer Aisle Scanned For Something Asshole Friend Won’t Mock

The Onion: Beer Aisle Scanned For Something Asshole Friend Won’t Mock

"I know if I bring, say, Blue Moon, Dave will make fun of me for getting something so mass-produced, but if I go with some obscure Belgian-style saison, I’ll get totally roasted for trying too hard."

Funny: Hope Hicks

When I saw Hope Hicks in my news feed I thought they were talking about Trupm's campaign slogan, "Hope... hicks."



Random: Los Locos

And the winner for the most obscure subliminal Short Circuit 2 marketing campaign goes to...

#longgame #probablyjustme


System Ops: 12-Hour Clock

Trying to explain the 12-hour clock to a 3-year old at 6am as a professional who uses a 24-hour clock is not the way to start the day.

G: “So one comes after 12 (quizzically)?”

Me: “There is one way that is more logical; We as a society have chosen the less logical one.”



AT (After Trump): Trump Taxes Imported Solar Panels 30%

I can’t wait to come off baby leave at the end of next month and see how many long range jobs got cancelled because of this.

Rolling Stone: Trump’s Tax on Solar Power: Here’s What You Need to Know

Trump has imposed a 30 percent tax on imported solar panels, a move that's expected to pull the plug on tens of thousands of American jobs, while slowing the rush to renewable energy and rewarding fossil-fuel producers. Here's what you need to know.


Music: Neil Diamond Retires From Touring

Such sad news.

Pitchfork: Neil Diamond Retires From Touring After Parkinson’s Diagnosis

“I plan to remain active in writing, recording and other projects for a long time to come,” he said in a statement. “My thanks goes out to my loyal and devoted audiences around the world. You will always have my appreciation for your support and encouragement. This ride has been ‘so good, so good, so good’ thanks to you.”


Random: T2 Bassinet

All want is a height adjustable baby bassinet, made of that shit the terminator in T2 was made of so that when I go to set sleeping “C” down on it; The bed dissolves around my arm and reforms underneath her without her noticing and then she sleeps all night in it.