Music: Rest In Peace Ed Simons (World's Oldest Active Orchestra Conductor)

A pretty inspirational story/video. Music really does keep you young!

Ed Simons, who passed away yesterday (06/26/18) at the age of 101, was the oldest active orchestra conductor in the world. From learning how to play the violin by watching musicians at his local concert hall at age nine, to performing for President Truman as he headed to the Potsdam Peace Conference, to conducting eight Broadway shows, Ed Simons lived a life dedicated to music.

“So what’s your secret? How do you get to be 100?” a former student asked Ed. He answered, “Music. Music is the medicine.”


AT (After Trump): Finally Some Hope Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins!!!

Image Source: Justice Democrats

Justice Democrats failed at their attempt at unseating Feinstein but they took down Joe Crowley tonight. I can proudly tell my daughters about this astounding woman’s victory. Congrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Read/Watch more on PBS: In an upset, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beats top House Democrat in New York primary

“We beat a machine with a movement, and that is what we have done today,” said Ocasio-Cortez, a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders who has never held elected office and whose candidacy attracted only modest media attention. “Working-class Americans want a clear champion and there is nothing radical about moral clarity in 2018.”

Watch more on TYT:


AT (After Trump): Harley Davidson to Shift Production of Motorcycles Overseas

Image Source (Chicago Tribune)

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump announced 25 percent tariffs on imported steel and aluminum from Europe and Asia. In response, the EU has levied additional import taxes on American products, including motorcycles, orange juice, bourbon, peanut butter, motorboats, cigarettes, and denim.

These new tariffs would hit Harley Davidson particularly hard – the EU is raising tariffs on American motorcycles from six percent to 31 percent.

Read about it on Second Nexus: Harley Davidson to Shift Production of Motorcycles Overseas in Response to EU Tariffs

Watch about it on TYT:

AT (After Trump): Mining to Begin at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

In December 2017, President Trump removed protections from nearly 1 million acres of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and 1.2 million acres of Bears Ears National Monument, both located in Utah. The move amounted to the largest elimination of protected areas in U.S. history. Within Trump’s proclamation was a provision that in February 2018, the areas excluded from the monuments would become open to private mineral companies to begin staking mining and drilling claims.

“[T]he Colt Mesa project is a welcome addition to the Company’s ever growing portfolio of projects,” Saf Dhillon, president and chief executive officer of Glacier Lake Resources, said in a press release. “Surface exploration work will start this summer on the Colt Mesa property and drill permitting will be initiated shortly.”

Read more at ThinkProgress: Mining to begin in national monument eliminated by Trump

AT (After Trump): Senator Elizabeth Warren Visits The Immigrant Holding Facilities

Elizabeth Warren is one of the politicians who’s moral compass I trust. She looks as if she has seen a ghost when she is speaking of what she saw at this “reunification center.” We as a nation need more people like her in positions of power. I can only wonder what may have been if she would have endorsed Bernie Sanders in the Primaries and committed to running as his VP in the General. We very well may have not been dealing with this. For now though we remain in the upside down.

Read more on Sentaor Warren's Blog: Here’s What I Saw at the Border

Key takeaways:

Before we could get in, CBP insisted we had to watch a government propaganda video. There’s no other way to describe it – it’s like a movie trailer. It was full of dramatic narration about the “illegals” crossing our border, complete with gory pictures about the threats that these immigrants bring to the United States, from gangs to skin rashes. The star of the show is CBP, which, according to the video, has done a great job driving down the numbers."

"Next we came into the area where the children were held. These cages were bigger with far more people. In the center of the cage, there’s a freestanding guard tower probably a story or story-and-a-half taller to look down over the children. The girls are held separately in their own large cage. The children told us that they had come to the United States with family and didn’t know where they had been taken. Eleven years old. Twelve. Locked in a cage with strangers. Many hadn’t talked to their mothers or fathers. They didn’t know where they were or what would happen to them next.

The children were quiet. Early afternoon, and they just sat. Some were on thin mats with foil blankets pulled over their heads. They had nothing – no books, no toys, no games. They looked shell shocked."

"One thing you won’t see much of in the CBP processing center? Fathers caged with their children. After pressing the CBP agents, they explained that men traveling with children are automatically released from the facility. They just don’t have the cages there to hold them. Women with small children, on the other hand, could be detained indefinitely. I pressed them on this again and again. The only answer: they claimed to be protecting “the safety of the mother and children.”"

  • The Trump administration may be “reunifying” families, but their definition of a family is only a parent and a child. If, for example, a 9-year-old crosses with an 18-year-old sister – or an aunt or uncle, or a grandparent, or anyone who isn’t the child’s documented legal guardian – they are not counted as a family and they will be separated.
  • Mothers and children may be considered “together” if they’re held in the same gigantic facility, even if they’re locked in separate cages with no access to one another. (In the world of CBP and ICE, that’s how the 10-year-old girls locked in a giant cage are “not separated” from their mothers who are in cages elsewhere in the facility.)
  • In the process of “reunifying” families, the government may possibly count a family as reunited by sending the child to a distant relative they’ve never met – not their parents. Some relatives may be unwilling to claim these children because it would be inviting ICE to investigate their own families.
  • Parents are so desperate to be reunited with their children that they may be trading in their legal right to asylum.
  • The system for tracking separated families is virtually unknown, if one exists at all. One expert worries that for some families, just a simple photo may be all the documentation that the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services have to reunite them. (I sincerely hope that’s not true.)


AT (After Trump): Trump autographed photos of people murdered by undocumented immigrants (The Week)

So Trupm recruits families of victims slain by immigrants to use them as a political prop, autographs the photos of their deceased family members... 

...and then makes a joke about one of the victims saying he looks like Tom Selleck.

What in the holy f#ck... I hope the look and feelings in the heart of all the people who voted for him are that of a puppy who just s#it on the kitchen floor.

As a side note “The Week” is a republican magazine. Read more there: Trump autographed photos of people murdered by undocumented immigrants

Current Events: Justin Trudeau Legalizes It?


AT (After Trump): Fighting Disinformation on The Immigrant Child Separation at the Border (MotherWise)

Image and information source: MotherWise Facebook

The disinformation campaign aimed at gullible right-wingers is a serious issue. Republicans on my page, on social media, in the comments of news articles are all repeating the same false information regarding the new border policy.
This is brainwashing, and it is successful. This is what happens when all credible news sources are called “fake news” by the White House, while the actual fake news is steadily consumed by right-wingers.
They keep saying “Well they shouldn’t come here illegally.” FALSE. Asylum-seekers are NOT HERE ILLEGALLY. Learn about asylum before trying to talk about this issue.
They keep saying “Clinton and Obama did this too.” FALSE. The policy of changing the penalty from a misdemeanor to 6 months to 2 years of prison time is NEW. It is implemented by Trump. Unaccompanied minors who crossed the border were previously detained and then released to family in the US. That is NOT the same policy as Trump’s new policy of arresting parents and taking their children. That’s why everyone “suddenly cares” — because it’s different and worse than before.
They keep saying “It’s easy to come here legally, they should just do it the legal way.” FALSE. It can take decades and thousands of dollars to come here legally. People fleeing violent war-torn regions often do not have those resources. It is not easy nor cheap, and the process needs to be changed. Learn extensively about immigration before trying to talk about this issue.
They keep saying “My ancestors came here legally, if they can do it, anyone can.” FALSE. None of us white folks are here legally, because we are on stolen land. Indigenous people — the rightful owners of this land — did not create these laws. Plus, immigration laws have changed drastically since Ellis Island. It’s similar to when baby boomers say “I bought a house on minimum wage, you can too!” Yes, Susan, things have changed since then.
They keep saying “These children are being taken care of! It’s like summer camp! It’s only temporary.” FALSE. There is no plan for reuniting these undocumented people. Read it again: THERE IS NO PLAN for getting these children back to their parents. It’s not like summer camp because there is no summer camp during which children are stolen from their parents with no plan to return them.
The general disinformation campaign has been happening since before Trump was put into power, but it has increased sharply since then. The goal is to create a compliant group of non-critical-thinkers who believe everything they’re told, without ever seeking to verify facts or sources.
Popular conservative news site The Drudge Report recently used a photo of Syrian children holding guns, pretended they were immigrant children trying to enter the US, and used it as propaganda to support Trump’s agenda. This is literal FAKE NEWS. But their followers won’t think twice about it and won’t try to check the source. Because critical thinking is dead for them. Fake news reigns. To the detriment of us all.


Music: Marilyn Manson Covers "Cry Little Sister"

Love Marilyn Manson's cover of Gerald McMann (McMahon's) "Cry Little Sister" made famous in the movie "The Lost Boys."

Check out the original with scenes from the movie below!


MotoGP: Danilo Petrucci Gets a MotoGP Factory Ride with Ducati

Asphalt And Rubber: Danilo Petrucci Gets a MotoGP Factory Ride with Ducati 

Now all the puzzle pieces for the next two years will start falling into place. Great news for one of my favorite riders. Danilo gets a Factory Ducati ride!!!

This is also a good opportunity for me to share my favorite Petrucci moment ever from The 2012 Red Bull Indianapolis GP Riders for Health Auction.  @ 9:05 Nick Harris asks Danilo Petrucci what he has brought to auction off and he can't talk because he is distracted by a girl on the stand-up wheelie machine.

MotoGP: CONFIRMED: Lorenzo to ride for Repsol Honda in 2019 and 2020

MotoGP.com: CONFIRMED: Lorenzo to ride for Repsol Honda in 2019 and 2020

Last Sunday during the race the commentator were talking about Jorge Lorenzo’s statement, “I will be on a competitive bike for the next two years.” They were like, “What’s left for him?!?” I thought to myself, “The Honda DUMMIES!!!” The switch was so far out of left field they couldn’t even imagine it. Marc Marquez cannot be happy about this.