Grace Pics


November 27, 2016 June 4 2017 (No Time To Sort)

October 26 2016 through November 27 2016

 Grace and her good friend Bennie.

Morning at the playhouse.

Grace, Daniel and Bennie at the neighborhood sandbox.

 Hinako Grace and Mom making cookies.

  Grace wanted to wear a hat like dad.

Working on her bike trailer.

Making an important phone call.

 Grace pretty psyched about her new playhouse.

 Playing at the park in Lake Solano

Breakfast on our new patio

Hanging out at the farmers market

Grace and her Halloween candy.

Milo and Grace at the Halloween walk in downtown Davis

The Cannery Halloween festival had a petting zoo.

Still has some growing to do.

Grandma, Grace, Milo, Hugo and Galyna

Grandma and Dad surprised Grace by picking her up at daycare

2016-10-26 The Rest of September and Most of October

Birthday was a month-ling extravaganza, here are some cupcakes Grace decorated herself.

 Grace was a Badgers cheerleader for Halloween this year

Halloween is almost here

Someone is big enough for a new car seat

Violin on her back ready for her first concert!

Grace and Grandma do a puppet show

Grace mimicking the meditation statue in the Davis Central Park Garden

Coffee shop fun with Dad

Someone got a dollhouse for her birthday

Playing at the clubhouse

Lets take a picture

Grace was pretty jazzed to find a new carousel at the Nut Tree in Vacaville

Our new exchange student Hinako came with to the Nut Tree Airport for an Air Fair

Reading to Elmo

Trains and were a winning theme this birthday

Music together

Pensive pumpkin patch fun

Sometimes keys trump the scenery

A tortoise at the pumpkin patch

A bunny for a present

Good friends: Bennie, Daniel, Hylia, Isaac, Grace, Sophie, Mieke, Milo & Leeah

Make a wish

It's not a party unless there's unlimited merry-go-round rides

Pondering the last year at her birthday party I'm sure

Grace is very interested in mechanical things

String cheese and tools!

Flowers from Grandma on Grace's Birthday

Someones been to the farm stand

Grace told me she wanted to relax and proceeded to bury herself in pillows.

Someone likes pigtails now

If you go to the beach when your child wakes up no one else is there!

Our last day at the beach

Thinking about what appetizer she wants

Sometimes your anniversary dinner involves your toddler, Grace was very well behaved :-)

On the Carousel at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Beach Panorama

Mom & Grace after our drive to Santa Cruz

In the Davis Central Park Garden

Dad Grace, Shiori and Mom at the Davis Farmer's Market, Picnic in the Park

Grace and her good friend Milo

  Playing with the light table at the Davis Arts Center

2016-09-18 The Rest of August and Half of September

 Still got some growing in to do :-)

 Evening Popsicle across the street from out house.

 Grace thinks Dad showing off is hilarious!

 On the "hammocks" at the secret park.

 Grace on the turtle at the Davis carousel.

 Looking out on Davis Central Park.

 Dad & Grace after a run.


 How tall can you build it?

 Grace and Eva playing at the Maben's.


 Carmen's birthday party at Swim America.

Shiori (our exchange student from Japan) Anne and Grace with the farmhouse in the background.

 What are you guys are going to eat?

 At Davis Central Park.

 Mom's carry a lot of things.

 Purple flowers outside of the barn.

 Rocking chairs on the farmhouse porch.

 Swinging at the park.

 Riding Daisy the cow.

 Grace finally decided to try her headphones.

 Early morning goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa.

 Playing with Aunt Jean's dollhouse.

 Dancing to The Beatles with Grandma.

 Eating at the family party.

 Sibling families.

 Kids being kids.

 Grace & cousin Noah.

 Dad, Grace and cousins Noah and Gabi.

  Grandma showing Grace the blackberries.


The frog, and squirrel at Grandma's

Sharing a bite at The Great Dane.

 At the Memorial Union terrace.



 At the Madison Children's Museum.




 At the Madison Farmer's Market on the Square.


 Grace meets Ivan!

 Cows in Mauston


 Grace playing with Papa!

 Family photo in Mauston!

 Dad, Grace, Liam and Jason

 Liam gives Grace a goodnight hug.

 Grace and Mom at the Belvedere Oasis.

 Grandma gives Grace a bath.

 2nd generation to play on that porch!

 Looks like someone has a good idea :-)

 Just landed in Chicago.

 Coconut sippy cup from Milo's Birthday.


 Milo's birthday party at the splash park.


 Anne's end of summer party for her students (Grace crashed the party).

 Grace ans Seymour the seal.

 Another run with Dad


Grace uses real tools!

2016-08-06 July And The Start of August

 I'll eat the whole thing! Farmer's Market breakfast burrito.

Enjoying some blueberry frozen yogurt with dad after her first day at "school" (day care).

 Dad picking up Grace after her first day at "school" (day care).

 Enjoying another pool apple.

Multi-tasking in the morning.

Coloring at the public library.

Practicing her hanging skills with Mom spotting.

 Grace finally took her first ride on the bicycle-powered merry-go-round at Davis Central Park.

This is the first time that Grace wanted to have "clips" in her hair, she asked for them after her bath.

 She is starting to "build" things!

Hanging out at Chestnut Park

Another Saturday, another trip to the Farmers market!

Playing in the farm field adjacent to our neighborhood farm.

 Enjoying a freshly picked apple in The Cannery Clubhouse!

A poolside cook out with two families that we know in Davis.

 Grace and dad exploring The Cannery barnyard.

 Enjoying a little mid-run swing session at the park this morning.

 Grace & Mom

Playing "drop kick" at the park.

One one of the lounge chairs at The Cannery Farmhouse.

 Helping dad sort through some of the storage unit items he brought home.

Saylor is warming up to grace now that she brushes him and helps feed him.

Hanging out with dad at Barista Brew Coffee, happy with her stacked blocks and setup for Ernie and the sheep.

2016-07-06 The Start of July

Climbing on the stroller at Picnic in the Park

Playing at Chestnut Park

 Checking out the baby chickens

A little breaking and entering to try out the new sandbox at the not-yet-opened park at The Cannery

At Davis Central Park on the Fourth of July

Grace really loved the bicycle race

Ready for the Fourth of July "Proud to be a Pawtriot" Shirt

Wake up Dad!

Lunch Outside

Breakfast at the new house

2016-06-29 June (Moving Month)

Grace loving the new carpet with Mom

Grace and Grandma the morning of moving day

Grace loving the new carpet at our new house on the final walk-through before closing

 Grace and Grandma playing having a musical discussion

 Grace hanging from the rings at Davis Central Park

 Grandma Mom and Grace after having frozen yogurt

Grace and Grandma playing in the living room bouncing on the ball

Dad, Mom and Grace at Picnic in the Park

Grandma, Grace and Mom having dinner amidst the moving boxes

Grace on Dad's Motorcycle

Grace working on her pull-ups

 Trying on Dad's shoes

 Grace and the "purple frog"

 Grace at the West Davis Pond

 Grace and Mom in the livingroom

 A trip to Fairytale Town

Boxes can make good reading spots


Pretty eyes

Playing at Daniel's 2nd Birthday Party

Making a silly face on a hot day

 Mom and Grace outside our new house, almost done!

2016-05-29 May

 Grace and Mom sharing a popsicle

Grace on the caterpillar at the Davis Central Park Garden

Dad and Grace at the Stonegate Pool

Mom and Grace at the Stonegate Pool

Mom and Grace at the UC Davis Arboretum

 Dad and Grace outside our new house in progress

Grandma and Grace

Dad and Grace on the front steps

 Grace playing on the stairs with Bert, Ernie and Elmo

 Dad and Grace share a Popsicle at Picnic in the Park

 Grace pretty proud about walking around downtown Davis like a big girl

Wake up Dada!

 A trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum

2016-04-28 April

 Grace and Isaac at the John H. Ferns Park in Woodland
 Grace playing drums at Picnic in the Park

Grace playing at the West Davis Pond, stacking up rocks

Grace at Davis Central Park

Grace & Dad at Davis Central Park 

Grace being silly at Chestnut Park

Grace at the Hattie Weber Rose Garden

 Grace wearing her Easter hat with Grandma

Grace and Grandma at the Davis Central Park

 Grace on the bench at the Davis Central Park Garden

2016-03-27 The Remainder of March

Bubbles from a bunny bubble bottle

At the Easter Egg hunt at the Stonegate Country Club

Afterwards we broke into the not officially open park to play

Checking out the progress on our new house

Grace really likes playing at the beach at the Stonegate Country Club

Having a blast at Picnic in the Park

Grace in the Davis Central Park Garden

Just thought that this was a unique picture not to many of Grace and Dad walking side-by-side

Hangin' out with Mom and Dad at the UC Davis Arboretum

Grace in her "fort" a blanket hung from her changing table

If she fits, she sits

 Grace and her pals Ernie & Elmo

2016-03-14 Catching Up on the Years Pictures

 Grace enjoying taking a rest on a bench at the butterfly/hummingbird garden at the West Davis Pond

Grace enjoying the butterfly/hummingbird garden at the West Davis Pond

Dad and Grace at the West Davis Pond

Mom and Grace at the new park!

Figuring out how the car seat works

Grace takes Ernie on a walk in her stroller

Trying out the brand new park in our soon-to-be neighborhood

On the run with the shopping cart

Grace playing with the shopping cart at the library

Dancing with a scarf

Watching the seagulls on a breezy day at Stonegate Lake

At the park pondering existence

She's getting so much hair now!

Grace in the blossoms

Brushing out teeth

Flower baby

Lets build another house!

Dad and Grace at swim class

California babies get to smell the flowers in February

Grace and Dad 

Yogurt baby

 Colander on the head or hat?

Grace feeding Ernie one of her teethers

Grace playing her piano

 Grave playing her piano

Grace at Davis Central Park on a different day

 Grace at the Davis Central Park

Grace wearing Grandpa's hat

Grace at the park on New Year's Eve

2015-12-30 Remainder of November and a Boatload of Christmas Pics

 Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Jean in Davis for more Christmas.

Grace got a new toy piano from Grandma & Grandpa.

Aunt Jean Mom & Grace

Grace nearly falling asleep after a four mile run :-)

Just before leaving San Diego; me, Grace Aunt Kate and new Cousin Max!

Family Photo, Jean had just made it to San Diego, we were just about to head home.

Grace in her most favorite swing in San Diego at Balboa Park.

Leaving the tunnel on Grace's first scale model train ride.

Mom, Grave Me & Grace and Grandma on her first scale model train ride (Grandpa was taking the picture) at the Balboa Zoo in San Doego

 Mom and Grace, her first carousel ride at the Balboa Zoo in San Doego

Grace and I reading a cook book that Uncle Alex received as a gift.

Grandma and cousin Max.

Christmas dinner.

Cousin max with his Dad Uncle Alex.

Mom, Dad and Grace Christmas night!

Grace: "Grandpa... let me show you a few things."

Grace ready for a recital.

Grace playing with cousin Max's school bus.

Grace playing Aunt Kate and Uncle Alex's Piano

Mom and Grace

Grace in her Christmas outfit.

Mischievous... I will get into these cabinets.

Cousin Max, Mom and Grace

Grace is happy to see Aunt Kate, Uncle Alex and her new Cousin Max.

Grace and Mom at the Davis Central Park on my Birthday.

Graceat the Davis Central Park on my Birthday.

Playing peek-a-boo with Grace at the Davis Central Park on my Birthday.

Grace's new xylophone.

 Grace and her new rocking horse on early Christmas present opening (since we were leaving for San Diego the next day) on my Birthday.

Grace and her new "fly" bike on early Christmas present opening (since we were leaving for San Diego the next day) on my Birthday.

Loving her lunch!

Pillow fort goodness.

On our bed!

Family holiday photo.

Grace likes excavators!

Grace and her friend Daniel on his 1st birthday!

Grace and her friend Daniel on his 1st birthday!

She loves her pillow fort!

Mom and baby morning!

She had a good dad-groove going after spending 40 minutes reading at the coffee shop.

Collecting leaves.

Enjoying her early Christmas present, kids kitchen set, we had no room to hide it once I assembled it.

Grace and dad autumn photo.

I made Grace a new box violin.

Grace bath time.

Grace and her friend Eva on a play date.

2015-11-13 Halloween & Modesto Trip

2015-10-24 Grace Turns 1 and Grandma Visits!

2015-09-30 Getting Close To 1 Year Old!!!

Grace's first trip to the Pumpkin Patch/Petting Zoo!

Reading with Mom

New jogging stroller!

Somebody loves blueberries!

 Trying on Mom's sunglasses

 Grace loves Wednesday's Picnic in the Park

Baby kisses are the best kisses!

Grace is becoming a Street Food Rodeo regular!

 She loves her box violin that Mom made her!

 Toast and hummus!

My running pal!

2015-09-12 11 Month's Old!!!

Had to photo-shop this month-card in, tye-dye onesie courtesy of Grandma & Grandpa Hatmaker

Grace and Dad at the pool on my last day of Baby Bonding Leave

A Grace's-eye view of things

Another day another trip to Coronado Beach!

Uncle Alex, Aunt Kate, Mom and Grace at De Luca's Restaurant in San Diego

Swinging at the park across the street from our hotel!

Grace loving Coronado Beach!

Grace playing with a handmade tiny Mexican violin at Aunt Kate and Uncle Alex's

Grace and Dad at the game!

Anne and Grace at her first Major League Baseball game (well technically she went to a Giants game inside Mom first), 2015-08-21 Padres vs. Cardinals. Padres won 9-3! Grace is good luck for the home team!

Anne and Grace enjoying aunt Kate's performance with the San Diego Symphony Summer Pops concert featuring Esperanza Spalding with the Coronado bridge in the background!

Neither of these two wanted their picture taken (on our way to San Diego)!

Dad needs a haircut!
Grave loves her flappy hat!

This was the first time I walked in to the room and Grace was sitting up on her own!

2015-08-11 10 Month's Old!!!

Ten months Old!!!

Some spaghetti snuck into Grace's elbow macaroni... she took care of it! 

 Grace visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium: With Dad

Grace visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium: So many fish!!!

Grace visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Awestruck

Grace visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Touch Pools!

Grace visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Salmon!

Grace visits the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Mom and Grace enjoying a little Jazz before dinner at the Hyatt Regency Monterey.

  Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach.

 Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach.

  Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach.

Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach.

Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach. 

Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach.

Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach.

Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach. 

Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach. 

Grace's first time at the Pacific Ocean, at Monterey Municipal Beach.

So... where are you guys going to sleep?

Mom and Grace at lunch on Fisherman's Wharf Monterey.

  Dad and Grace at Fisherman's Wharf Monterey.

Mom and Grace at Fisherman's Wharf Monterey.

  Dad and Grace after a morning run.

Mom and Grace at Brunch.

Mom and Grace at Davis Central Park. 

Grace and dad go down the slide at Davis Central Park

Dad and Grace at Davis Central Park.

Grandma reading "Baby Bear What  Do You See" with Grace.

Grace's first time in the swing.

Grace and Grandma having dinner.

2015-07-12 9 Month's Old!!!

Grace with her 9-month card!

Grace and Mom at the Charles M. Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa.

Grace and Grandma at the Charles M. Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa.

Fourth of July picnic at the country club.

Grace out with mom in the jogging stroller for the first time, looks like it got the stamp of approval!

Grace enjoying a popsicle at the picnic in the park.

Grace caught her second wind in the hotel lobby.

 Mom and Grace at  Mel and Jeff's wedding reception.

 A new accessory to my wedding attire this time around.

 Grace and mom at the airport on the way to Mel and Jeff's wedding in Minnesota.

Grace on the big chair.

Mom & Grace at the pool.

 Mom bought Grace a Valentino Rossi onesie to match Dad!

2015-06-09 8 Month's Old!!!

I think this is Grace's "power pose"

Where's Dad?

Ehhhh what's up Doc!?!

Sitting up in her glider

At the neighborhood pizza place watching the Hawks.

I think that this picture is hilarious couldn't have a bigger contrast in expressions! Sometimes the family photo just doesn't work out :-)

Grace & Grandpa

Grace & Grandma

Playtime with the grandparents in the livingroom

Strawberries fresh from the farm

With Grandpa at the Davis Farmers Market

Paying very close attention to Grandma

At sign baby sign language class with mom

Outside with  Dad again

This is how you feel the grass

"I can get my own toys now!"

Grace with her "sleep sheep"

Grace and mom playing outside

Mom playing violin for Grace

I took this picture after I got home from work just a few seconds after Grace said "mama" for the first time!

Playing outside with dad

2015-05-10 7 Months Old!

Out for a walk with Dad!

Grace Spies...

Sometimes we leave the stroller behind on our walks now :-)

Is it a biscuit?!?

Playing outside!!!

Hangin' out on the big bed :-)

Grace & mom out for the final four!

It was a real nail-biter!

Though it may look like I am I assure you I was not in trouble when I took this picture!


Grace looking out the window in the Baby Bjorn.

Some park-time after the farmers market!

Grace loves her sun hat!

2015-03-25 Grandma and Grandpa Visit!

Someone's starting to fit into her 6-9 month clothes!

Grandpa teaching Grace how to can-can!

Somebunny loves Gracie!

What are you doing way up there Dad?

Grace discussing the merits of Uptown Funk with Grandpa.

That's her mischievous look!

Mom and Grace in the UC Davis Arboretum!

Family photo!

Grace loves these visitors, all they want to do is play!

Gracie and Grandpa in an early Easter dress!

Grace loves looking out the window with Grandma!

Story time!


Berry picking with Mom and Grandma!

Grandma feeding Gracie.

To the moon Grandpa!

Mom and Grace opening her early Easter gifts from Grandma and Grandpa (Saylor is pouting in the background because he didn't get anything).

She finally fits in her PG&E onesie :-)

Grace has pretty eyes!

Lunch at Chefs of New York in Modesto.

Someone loves sweet potatoes!

2015-03-07 Five Months Old!

Gracie loves her exer-saucer!

Rollin' with "the Dad"

First time eating rice cereal.

Ready for more!

She loves her feet!

Good Morning!!!

Doing some core training at tummy time!

Baby and Dad's shadows :-)

She took Flop Rabbit with her on her trip scooting across the room!

Feet still so tiny!

When do I get to start?

 Getting used to her crib!

2015-02-07 Four Months Old!

She still likes it when I lay on my back and let her sit on my belly, one of her favorites right now.

Out for a walk with dad on a perfect day!

She scooted herself halfway across the nursery floor, scooping up "flop rabbit" along the way till she reached the end of the road. Otherwise known as the dresser.

Still such teeny tiny feet!

Stimulating conversation at the dinner table.

Rollin' with Dad in the Baby Bjorn.

In her crib with her rabbit and giraffe snugglies.

2015-02-07 Four Months Old!

Anne and Grace reading I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! by Dr. Seuss

Grace loves her "track suit" don't let the hearts fool you after this she went and played handball for an hour and strong-armed some store owners for "protection" fees.

Sitting on Dad.

A big stretch after a nap.

Enjoying her big girl crib!

Tummy time!

Hanging out with dad!

2015-01-18 The New Year For Our New Baby

Getting ready to read a book!

Big beautiful eyes!

All right Mom, lets start the day!

Falling asleep with Dad after he got home from work.

Three months old!

Loving her play mat.

You don't fit in here!

Hangin' out with dad while mom plays a gig :-)

Grace's first time in a pool!

2014-12-31 Ten Weeks And One Day Old

Grace taking a nap in the Ergo-baby carrier.

Family Christmas Photo

Graces first flight!

Meeting Grandpa for the first time!

Hi Grandma!  I remember you!

Sleeping in Great Grandpa Vandermeer's La-z Boy :-)

Me with the best birthday present ever!

Grace with Sister Kritter.

Christmas eve!  I hardly look sick even though I was.

Grace and Auntie Jean!

Grace and her Christmas haul.

Smiling with Dad, helping him stay up after his night shift!

2014-12-18 Ten Weeks And One Day Old

Taking and afternoon nap...

...on Dad, for three hours!

A morning where I don't have to leave her is a good morning!

The latest thing that keeps Grace happy is bouncing on the exercise ball!

Another morning with Dad!

2014-12-03 Eight Weeks Old!

After a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Chelsea and Jon's house.

We sat down next to Saylor and he didn't get up and leave :-)

The picture is a little grainy because of the low light, but this is Grace's reaction to seeing her first Christmas tree :-)

Having a "chat" with Daddy after a nap.

A big stretch after dinner.

2014-11-27 Seven Weeks (and some change) Old!

Grace loving one of the many wonderful gifts from Cheryl and Bob Koziol!

This might be her, "Daddy, you're being silly" look.

Mom & Grace: How big is Grace?!? Sooooo BIG!!!

Ok kid... mommy's going to be leaving us alone for a while lets plan what we want to do.

That's a "Dad Look" right there.

Someone has figured out how to get her hand in her mouth and is loving every minute of it!

2014-11-18 Six Weeks Old!

Loving some play-mat time with Mom & Grandma.

She's actually wearing one of mom's outfits from when she was a baby 33 years ago in this picture.

Fresh diaper... life is good :-)

One last bath-time with Grandma!

Getting pretty good with the pacifier!

2014-11-11 Five  Weeks Old!

She loves it when Mom swaddles her before bed.

In deep thought pondering Grandma's story.

Sleeping through another farmers market trip.

I think someone is done with tummy time.

Grandma & Gracie

Just about ready to doze off.

2014-11-04 Four  Weeks Old!

Waking up from a nap in the swing.

Her sleep and awake time duration increase each day and for the most part she is a very content baby with very little fussiness.

After she threw in the towel on tummy time.

Mom just got done rocking her to sleep.

Asleep on Dad.

Out like a light after a bottle with Grandma.

Loving her new personalized badger blanket from Mel & Jeff!

2014-10-28 Three Weeks Old!

  A little lap-reading time with Dad this morning.

First time trying out the swing, I think she likes it :-)

We went on a outing to the Davis Farmer's Market this last Saturday, Grace slept through most of it.

This is when mom stopped off for a green tea after the farmers market.

Mom reading to grace in her room she also loves being in the glider with Dad when she gets fussy.

She has such pretty eyes.

Another new thing the week was tummy time!  There were a few moments where I thought she was going to flip herself back over but I think that it's a little soon for that.

She loves her friend "flop rabbit."

I'm always looking for reference points to remind me down the road just how small she really was.  Here, she is holding my wedding band.

See you next week!

2014-10-22 Two Weeks and One Day!

We had another checkup today and everything was great!  Grace is steadily adding more and more weight and has surpassed her birth weight by a good amount, which is the goal for two weeks.  She is still a light baby (in the 20th percentile in weight) for babies her age but is long (75th percentile for length) and according to the pediatrician her head measurement is in the 50th percentile.

She loves sleeping on daddy!

Grace out for her first walk!

Lots of sleep this week!

For reference, look how she fits in my hand!

Just relaxing during Daddy time.


2014-10-15 One Week and One Day Old Already!

This last Monday's checkup at the pediatrician found that grace had already recouped nearly all of birth weight and that everything else was good!

Napping in Daddy's lap. 

Daddy got her all dressed with no tears!

Napping on her way to the pediatrician, though we get good news each time we're there we always seem to leave with a crying baby, at least for a minute or two.  Grace is very calm.

Baby pondering a tango, she gets very expressive when she is listening to the violin.

2014-10-12 Welcome to the World!

Grace Mae Delgado was born born October 07, 2014 at 11:41PM weighing 6lb 8.5oz and measuring 19in long.  All is well with Mom & Baby!

Dad's first attempt at swaddling.

Dad's second attempt at swaddling.

Feeling quite sleep deprived but so happy with my baby girl!

Heading home... finally a girl that I can stand next to that makes me seem lime more of a giant than Anne.

Saylor meets Gracie for the first time he's still not sure what to make of all this.

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  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing you three, four. Saylor counts too, I think. B-)

    I like the sleep deprived picture the most, brings back memories. ;-)